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artistic cycling interview

First up, let's address the obvious: what is artistic cycling?

"Artistic cycling is a form of competitive indoor cycling in which athletes perform tricks (called exercises) for points on specialized, fixed-gear bikes in a format similar to ballet or gymnastics. The exercises are performed in front of judges in five-minute rounds by singles, pairs, four- or six-man teams."

Ok, that sounds a bit wacky. Let's watch a video to get a better sense of what this is all about.

Alright! Now those are some serious skills. Now, who is Nicole Frýbortová?

She's a Slovakian rider who has had a legendary career in artistic cycling. In an interview Nicole said that what she likes the most about this sport is a fact that not everyone is doing it. But this exclusivity, almost strangeness to the general public, also has its downside – financing. You have to train 6 times a week, pay for your bike and everything else and still make a living elsewhere, this beautiful sport is totally outside of sponsors’ viewfinder.

CWRB: Tell us about you!

Since I was seven years old, I have been engaged in artistic cycling which I discovered thanks to attending the Sokol (sport movement organization) in Řečkovice, Brno. Today, I cycle for the SKP Kometa Brno led by the coach Věra Břínková. However, I have decided to represent Slovakia due to some conflicts and disagreements with ČSC (Czech Cycling Federation).

I would like to be engaged in the bicycle as long as I keep fit and my dream is to reach the top of artistic cycling. It’s gonna be a lot of years of hard work :)

CWRB: Indoor cycling is not yet popular here in Australia. Can you tell me how you got involved with it?

NF: When I was a child I visited training for children in a gym. After over trainig was an artistic cycling and I really love it from the first moment. I was there try it and I stay there up to now.

CWRB: How are the bikes you ride different from an everyday bike?

NF: The different between my bicycle and normal bicyycle is that my step all the time, it hasnt brakes and it can go to backwards.

CWRB: How many hours per week do you practice and what is your biggest competition?

NF: I practise 6 times in a week 2-3 hours in a day. And my biggest competition is worldchampionship where I was on the third place last year.

CWRB: Do you do any other kind of riding?

NF: No, I dont have so much time for another kind of riding, unfortunately!

CWRB: Are women encouraged to do riding in Slovakia? What are your challenges as a woman?

NF: The challenges for me is every year to be better than my concurents at the world championships.

I measure myself only with the best riders of the world.

Nicole Frýbortová

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