Bike-opoly - A Classic with a two-wheeled twist

Anyone feeling a little bored at home 🙋?

CWRB is here to help! We've made a few changes to everyone's favourite board game so that it's a little more... bicycle-y.

No more collecting properties and trying to get rich - now the aim is to get as many strava segments and QOMs as possible while avoiding injury... and of course those pesky fees for upgrades!

  • Streets = Strava Segments
  • Houses = Top 10 times
  • Hotels = QOMs
  • Jail = Injury
  • Railway Stations = Local Businesses

As for Chance and Community Chest Cards... well we've made a few changes to those too (some examples can be found right here!) .

Download the game, rules, chance and community chest cards here!

We can't wait for you to play and let us know what you think!