If you were anywhere near our Social Media page this week you would have noticed a pretty forward campaign called #dearbikeindustry, calling out some unhelpful behaviour and acceptance of some pretty unacceptable activity within the bike industry.

And you deserve to know not just why, but what we're going to do about it... The bike industry has been a man's world. There's no denying that. There are plenty of sociological, historical, biological and economical reasons why that has been the case - but ZERO reasons why that has to continue to be the case. Whether or not they know it, women play an absolutely CRUCIAL role in the cycling industry. And the first bike shops and businesses in the industry to realise that are the ones that are going to THRIVE, not just survive. Why? Well, we'd be happy to let you in on the future of your industry...

1) Women are the barometers of the adequacy, quality and safety of a community's cycling infrastructure. Want more bike paths, cycle lanes and infrastructure? Want to see cycling accepted as an integral part of society and community?Then you need to reach out to Chicks Who Ride Bikes and encourage them. You know what doesn't encourage them? Rubbish like this. And even if your bike shop doesn't directly advertise with images like this, chances are a brand you stock has. And it's up to you to choose who you align yourselves with. Because now CWRB are here to make sure everyone is informed. You're welcome.

2) If women don't ride, kids don't ride. In today's day and age, kids are more likely to spend upwards of 4 hours a day looking at a screen rather than riding a bike. That goes for both boys and girls. There are always exceptions, but generally speaking it's women who are at home the most with the children. Taking them to school, picking them up, encouraging after school activities and playing with them before they're old enough to even get there. If you support and encourage women to ride you are effectively ensuring a long-term pipeline of customers for yourself!

3) Women have incredible purchasing power. Spending all of your marketing budget trying to appeal to pimple-faced teenaged males? Think again. Once the college bills are out of the way and children launch their own households, the discretionary spending power of 50-plus women soars. They spend 2.5 times what the average person spends. Women are the primary buyers for computers, cars, banking, financial services and a lot of other big-ticket items. Can you really afford NOT to appeal to the most lucrative potential customer base? Especially when you are struggling to keep your doors open in the face of competition from online retailers... which brings us to our next point.

4) CWRBs are much more likely to buy from a bike shop than an online store. Can you say the same about the current group of people you are throwing your hard-earned cash at? Not only that, CWRBs are also more likely to:

  • Stay loyal to a bike shop even if they move across town
  • Tell their friends about the great experience they just had
  • Spend a little bit more if they feel like you are LISTENING to them

Isn't that the type of customer you want? We get it. Complaining about the problem doesn't fix the problem. So, what was our aim here? Truth be told this is just Part 1 of a much larger campaign, however, #dearbikeindustry has been launched to highlight that the bike industry is changing... and representing women this way is HARMFUL to your own industry, with the happy side effect of letting women know that they hold the power. CWRB has worked with clubs, race organisers and bikes shops to access a whole different market and help YOU as a CWRB to enjoy the bike industry.

Feel Empowered - Feel Strong - Feel Supported

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