Why Loving Yourself is Just as Important This Valentine's Season


In the spirit of the season, we thought it was time to talk about self-love and the best way for you to go from ‘zero to hero’ in your own eyes. (We already know you’re a hero, but it’s time for you to believe it too). As women, we’re pulled this way and that with competing priorities. And unfortunately, we often lose ourselves in the process. When we’ve been this way for a long time, the only thing that works to bring us back is a hard reset.
Now, if we mention the word GOALS – does that make your eyes glaze over?
Well, we’re not talking about any old cookie cutter goals here. It’s not healthier eating, practising gratitude, or those new-years-resolution type of goals. They’re just not going to cut it. We’re talking about the ones that scare the pants off you. Some people call them BHAGs – Big Hairy Audacious Goals. These are the ones where you’re not even sure you’ll reach them. The ones that will take every ounce of grit and determination you can rustle up. And once you make it, you’ll look back and say “Wow, I did that.” And it will still feel a little unbelievable. Working towards goals like these gives you a change in perspective. It changes the way you see yourself, and the world around you. It shows you that you’re stronger than you think, and fear can be managed and conquered. Reaching these goals gives you an altered perspective. We could tell you that making goals like these a priority in your life will make you a better wife, mum, daughter, sister, and friend. After all, filling your cup is the best way to bring your best self to loved ones. But this isn’t about them, this is about you. You deserve this. So, here it is. You have our permission. Go forth and set your impossible goals, guilt-free. And then smash the hell out of them. We guarantee it will change you. And you will love yourself for it.

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