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What springs to mind when you hear the name Jill Kintner? Could it be her Olympic Bronze medal for BMX in 2008? The Queen of Crankworx? Or her many World Cup Downhill podiums? Whatever comes to mind when you hear her name, Jill Kintner is one of the leading women on 2 wheels - and has been for some time now. She became a professional BMX rider at age 14, after winning her first National race at age 10. Jill hasn't just stuck to one discipline of cycling either - making the transition from BMX to Downhill Mountain Biking to 4X, Slalom, Pump Track and Enduro. She has been ridiculously successful at everything she has tried her hand at. She is also quite the talented artist. For more information on her crowns, results and art check out
Jill Kintner riding trail bikes in Syncline, Washington on September 7, 2016.
We caught up with Jill for a quick 7 question interview. CWRB: When did you start riding? JK: I think it was at age 2. My mom never put us on training wheels, so we had a make shift kind of strider set up where our feet could touch the ground:) CWRB: What is your favourite place you have travelled to? JK: I like travelling so much that it’s hard to say. For biking, New Zealand is pretty good. Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Canada CWRB: Where is your favourite place to ride? JK: Where we live in Bellingham is pretty incredible, and near Seattle, out in Issaquah. CWRB: Who is someone that inspires you, and why? JK: I think Rodger Federer is a class act. Love his interviews, and overall flow as an athlete. CWRB: What is your top riding tip for our readers? JK: Really just to get a neutral set up dialed with balance between your bike and body...Get on your bike holding the bars and have equal pressure on the pedals. Then stand up on your bike with your legs and arms locked out straight, then add a slight bend in your knees and elbows, eyes looking ahead, nice and relaxed.
It sounds basic, but getting centered is vital for every move.
From there, sink your hips down by adding a deeper bend in your elbows and knees, and equal pressure in your feet. You should keep the same angle with your torso from neutral, it’s just lowered. It’s all about getting that range of power. Low ready position it’s called, and back up to neutral. CWRB: What is your favourite piece of cycling kit? JK: Maybe my Sombrio Summit shorts CWRB: What is your favourite way to crossgrain for riding? JK: I play this game called pickleball, it’s like mini tennis but with a whiffle ball and paddles. So fun. A lot of old people play it, but it’s so good for coordination . I played a lot of sports growing up so I have quite a few hobbies, but that one is the most fun. And you can play inside when it’s raining. I do a lot of gym work, walking, and golf from time to time just to mix it up.
Jill is doing the Crankworx circuit again this year and CWRB hopes to catch up with her in Rotorua March 17-25th. Good luck Jill!

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