The Secret Beginner - episode 1

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Wow... Where to start? Well, I am at the start really. I was introduced to cycling - at this stage more specifically Mountain Biking (but I'm keen to give it all a go) in 2016. I borrowed a bike and went away for a weekend of riding for a birthday. I was hooked, but I didn't have much of a chance to go when I got home. I went a few times with my partner on her old bike (legend for lending it to me!), but didn't get to go nearly as much as I needed to improve my skills.

I was asked to do this blog and I was a bit hesitant to be honest. Why would anyone want to follow my journey into cycling? What makes me special?

Then I realised - it doesn't matter. Whether people want to read it or not is ok! That is a win by itself considering how desperate many of us are for approval in this day of social media. I am documenting my journey anyway...

I have a dream! I'm not the first and I won't be the last, but I have one! I'm only new to the sport of Mountain Biking, but I want to race. Not only do I want to race, but I want to do jumps! I want to whizz down the hill and fly through the air!

Impossible dream? Nothing is impossible. Lofty dream? Yes. Likely to land me in the hospital at some point along the way? Possibly...

So where to start?

I'm no spring chicken. Well, I'm no winter chicken either. I'm not sure which season of chicken I am but let's just say I'm not in my 20's anymore. I'm not overly talented when it comes to cycling - but I like to think I can be a bit brave, and that is a start.

So there we have the beginning of this blog. Join me as I try to go from secret beginner to a pro! Well, maybe not a pro, but someone who can race and jump. Disclaimer: No promises can be made on the standard of racing and jumping that will be reached.

How this will work I envision, is that each time I go out and learn something new I will write about it here. This way anyone who wants to can follow along can do so.

I'm trying to keep my identity a secret. A bit like the Stig if any of you were Top Gear fans before it went American.

Comments are always welcome. If anyone has suggestions of what skills I should learn at any point, new gear or set ups I can try or anything like that I'm open to advice. At the moment I don't have a bike, I'm borrowing friends and relatives until I figure out what is good for me :-)

Live long and prosper.

The Secret Beginner

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