My favourite trail

I started off writing an article about the time I lost my mojo. I was describing my favourite trail that it happened on. Before I knew it, I had used up about 600 words on how much I love the trail, and very little on my lost mojo. So now I am just writing about how much I love this trail. And it’s not just the trail, it’s a whole bunch of things that come together when I’m there. The people, the mental and physical challenge, the gorgeous bush. All the things!! Follow along to hopefully get a feel for my favourite trail…

My Favourite trail

My bike gang meets in the car park before sunrise on some weekdays. Its pitch black, and in the bush on the edge of Brisbane. The turn-off from the main road is really hard to see in the dark, so there are landmarks I have to keep an eye out for so I don’t just turn off into bush instead of the driveway to the trailhead! I see the lights of a fellow bike gang member who has just arrived. More turn up. We start getting bikes out of cars, helmets on, chatting and catching up. In winter, it is hard and we move quickly to stay warm! In summer, it is the perfect time of day to ride, and it’s already light at 5:30am. Then there is a big slog up a fire road to the top. Some of us can do it without stopping, some can’t. It’s bloody hard. I can do it, sometimes. I love the heart rate-raising challenge of that climb (hmmm…kind of love, kind of hate really!).

The sunrise through the trees on this side of the mountain is gorgeous. On a cold morning, there is a point on the climb up where it is instantly a few degrees warmer, the sun must hit here first. At the top, we catch our breath and more chatting. Always selfies and bike portrait taking, the backdrop is perfect. Then we head down the trail. It’s a good 2km of zig zagging down the side of the mountain. Berms, some rocky bits, a creek crossing. The sun is hitting the trail by now, streaming through the trees. The other morning it started bucketing down rain just as we were heading in to the trail. It was exhilarating, a bunch of sulphur crested cockatoos were making a racket in the trees, rain pouring off my visor. I was so happy, so glad I got out of bed, so glad our car park deliberations about if we should risk the rain or not ended with us ‘risking it’.

My favourite trail with a view

When I’m on the trail I’m always caught between wanting to baaarp down that mountain as fast as I can, and wanting to stop and soak up the green-ness of the place. I love the exhilaration of the ride, the women I get to ride with, and the fact that I have somehow managed to pull together enough skills and confidence over the last 12 months to actually do it! It is my favourite trail!

What’s yours?

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