Member Mondays - Buffy Little


We have been slack and let our Member Monday posts fall over, but no matter! They are back. We caught up with one of our New Zealand Ambassadors Buffy Little. We had 7 questions for Buffy, and here is what she had to say... 1. When did you first start riding? I used to ride as a kid, because I used to have to ride to school. The first time I went Mountain Biking I was probably about 12-13. I didn't do it again for a while and then picked it up again as an adult. 2. Favourite place you have travelled? Mmmmmm, maybe Prague? Because it was cool and old and had heaps of history. 3. Favourite place you have ridden? My favourite place that I have ridden so far is either Queenstown, NZ or Fox Creek outside of Adelaide! 4. Who inspires you and why? That's a tough question... I don't know. Strong women in my life - my Nana, my Mother, my Aunty Maureen. The why part - because they have all shown me different ways to be strong. They have all experienced adversity and proved that when you want to fight and triumph over something - that you can! 5. Top riding tip? Don't crash!! Coming from someone who crashes A LOT! 6. Favourite piece of cycling kit? My new Liv Hail bike! Apart from my bike though it is probably my helmet. It's a highlighter green 7iDP downhill helmet! 7. Favourite activity other than cycling? Does drinking beer count?? Hanging out with my wife!
Don't sweat the little stuff and ride for fun!!

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