Chicks with Bad Boobs Who Ride Bikes - Part 3 by Jules Harris

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A Cocktail of drugs to get new boobs I set myself goals, and decide not to call chemo, chemo. I called it a cocktail of drugs to help me get new boobs. For the most part that worked! Short goals work best with chemo. I also found out that I never have a plan B, I just keep changing my plan A, then I don’t feel like Plan A didn’t work! I refused to use language that wasn’t positive. I often walked away from conversations that weren’t positive. Telling people what is going on is confronting. For those of your who have decided to grow a human, you probably remember that everyone loves giving you their advice. Well having cancer is much the same, people like to tell you their horror stories, offer unsolicited advice, tell you what you should be eating, tell you a story about someone they know had cancer, that you should be using this special herb, crystals and meditation, they will pray for you, and that you should stop everything you are doing and quit work. Get ready for terrible stories about people who had cancer and died. For those of you who know me, this was too much.
I hate being told what to do, how to do it, I am stubborn to a fault and NEVER ask for help.
For those of you who were just trying to talk to me, offer me kind words I am really sorry if I reacted badly or didn’t respond, I know that most people are just trying to help, sometimes they don’t know what to say and come from a good place. Now that I have finished my “cocktail of drugs so I can get new boobs” (well mostly), I will be treating myself to a new helmet, new shoes, new jersey… just as well I saved all that money on waxing and hairdressing appointments. I’m going to look hot in my new kit, and you never know I might have some hair by my first race.

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