Being an Athlete


Live the life
Love the life
It is a incredible journey of discovery
It changes your life
Follow your dreams
Live those dreams everyday
Go every day with an open mind
Go with an open mind
Take the bad with the good for it will you stronger
Push yourself everyday
Don't be afraid to fail
Be afraid not try
Surround yourself with positive
People who push you up
Be the best you. you can be
Be brave
Be humble
Face your weakness
For it will only make you stronger
Believe in yourself
Stay focused
Stay Strong
There will always be fear
It is what you do with that fear that is part of your journey
There will be pain
It will push you to your new limits
Do your best and you will always be winner
Be the best you, you can be
Live the dream
Be the dream
I am my own race
I am me
I am strong
I am powerful
I am enough
I am an athlete

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