7 Motivating Quotes (About Cycling)


Who doesn't love a good meme or inspirational quote? Especially when they apply to cycling... If you're in need of a little more motivation, check out our top 7 inspo tiles.

Women are not governed by anyone's expectations other than our own. This age old quote of 'look like a girl, act like a lady, think, like a man, work like a boss' is just so outdated and offensive. You don't owe anything to anyone. Be yourself. Own it. We love you just the way you are.

In the age of social media, it's easy to become overly focused on the way you look. From the shape of your legs to how your butt or stomach looks in lycra, we're trained to criticise ourselves to the point where it can stand in the way of actually doing what we want. Have thighs, will ride.

Re-framing this in the positive makes all the difference. Think about how amazing you feel about yourself when you have good friends around you. Now, be that person that makes others feel amazing. Talk to the new person on your ride. Invite someone sitting by themselves to join you. Everyone needs a bit of love.

Feeling stuck or losing your mojo happens to all of us at some point. Things seem grey, dreary or maybe you just feel stuck in a rut. Don't forget that just by jumping on your bike, you could see something that reignites your faith in humanity. You may meet someone that changes your outlook. Or you may just gain that extra mental space to make that decision that's been weighing you down.

This one is all about perspective. Don't waste your life looking at what's over there... you may find that you are missing out on enjoying what you have while looking longingly in the wrong direction. Green grass isn't for everyone. Just because other people spend their time mowing their lawn, doesn't mean you need to.

A classic inspo quote which touches on how many obstacles and challenges a bike can get you through. Whether it's a personal issue, something professional or even something a bit deeper than that, there's nothing that a bike ride can't help you with. It may take 1 ride, or 100... but don't forget how tough that machine is.

Feeling fear is a natural part of what our brains do when we encounter something challenging or even unexpected. It's unreasonable to ask yourself not to be scared (whether it's joining a new ride or taking on a new trail on your mountain bike). What we can do is be brave, which is sometimes about taking a solo leap and seeing what happens, and sometimes is about sharing how you feel with your friends, and doing something together.

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